Beautiful Steps to natural well being


I say a big thank you to Vidhu where, I’ve had the great pleasure of being treated by her, for a severe imbalance within my body. Which left me quite debilitated.

When one is vulnerable, it is really reassuring to find that the practitioner is assertive, capable, plus kind & caring.  Which I found Vidhu having all these attributes.

With her knowledge in and through Ayurveda’s Natural Medicine, my body responded favourably with her expertise.

I am happy to say that I am on the road to recovery, with all the treatments I’ve had so far.

Yes I will definitely be recommending her services.

S B R, Perth, Western Australia

Vidhu Sharma is my Health and Beauty Consultant and I have used her services for the last two years.
I must say that she has an amazing ability to make you feel good and uses a holistic approach towards beauty and health being a Doctor of Ayurveda herself.
She shares her knowledge about healthy eating and beauty therapy and has a desire to make every women she meets to look beautiful.
She uses natural products for her treatments which provide nourishment to the skin which is enhanced by a massage.
After a treatment with Vidhu, my skin feels wonderfully clean, soft and nurtured.
I have recommended my friends and family to enjoy this wonderful beauty and health experience with Vidhu and they are very thankful.

Hellen Corray

I attended an Ayurveda Healthy Cooking and Detox Workshop by Vidhu Sharma.The session included a Health talk by Vidhu which covered  a holistic approach towards a healthy lifestyle.= Body, Mind and Soul, a healthy cooking demonstration and a Q & A session.

The most interesting part of the session was when Vidhu shared with us that the doshas are biological energies found throughout the human body and mind.She explained that each of us have  our unique combination of doshas that no one else has.

It was also interesting to learn about ‘Pitta’ (Qualities reflecting fire and water), ‘Vatta’ (Qualities reflecting space and Air)   and Kapha (Qualities reflecting water and earth).The knowledge I gained from this session made me realize that making lifestyle changes to better eating habits, exercise and awareness of body,mind and soul  are the keys to a longer, healthier life.

Vidhu’s knowledge and professionalism was exemplary and I thoroughly enjoyed the session. I have now developed a keen interest in Ayurveda and Vidhu is always willing to share her knowledge.


Ludes Baviah

Had treatment  from Vidhu was amazing. It was Professional  friendly service and I would  highly  recommend it!!! Thank you


I received an Ayurvedic Beauty Treatment from Vidhu a few weeks ago. She is a very knowledgeable doctor and has a way of putting her clients at ease. The treatment completely changed how I see myself and I will be going back for another treatment soon. I have never felt so relaxed during a treatment and I would highly recommend her to anyone.


After receiving a reflexology and Ayurvedic Marma treatment from Vidhu, I felt extremely relaxed and rejuvenated. Will definitely go back to book a series of treatments from her as my body and mind have never felt so good and relaxed in a long time, and it is helping me focus more on my studies and work


I injured my lower back while on an outdoor trip with my family and also the pain and discomfort was radiating to my leg. I immediately felt so much better after receiving Ayurvedic Kati Vasti from Vidhu. My condition improved dramatically by specialized Ayurvedic treatment that she performed on me.

Thanks to her.


Due to age related arthritis in my hands, I was facing a lot to trouble performing my household chores. Luckily, I was visiting Perth at the time, and received Ayurvedic massage treatment on my hand from her, and felt so much better. I am now using Ayurvedic oil for localized massage on my hands as advised by her, and it is helping me a lot especially in winter time. She has a very gentle, yet thorough approach towards her clients.


Thanks Vidhu for your great service. I am happy that you have supported me with my ongoing skin problems and their treatment. I would recommend your service to anyone. Thanks once again.

Fabian. M

The treatments by Vidhu are divine, and relaxing, my problems are gone!


I have been having a regular weekly massage for the past 20 years, but never have these massages ever relieved my neck, upper back pain. But the Ayurvedic treatment with Vidhu was the best ever!!! Thank you so much.

Just LOOOVUE the Indian Head Massage, head ache gone!!!


Had a wonderful session of Reflexology, even had my hands attended to, which was wonderful, and even was able to lie down after wards to ‘set’ the beautiful feeling.


Vidhu’s treatment for my head ache relief was the best, I feel rejuvenated and most relaxing.


Facial Marma Massage by Vidhu was very calming, great pressure and I feel great!!!


Relaxing and beautiful Reflexology session by Vidhu, Thank you Beautiful Woman!!!


Each session with Vidhu is a fantastic experience, I am so relaxed, can barely write this review, cannot wait for my next appointment.


After having several Reflexology treatments elsewhere, I found the best one with Vidhu, felt so relaxed during and after ..